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Benefits of Pushups

Building muscles is one of the most sought fitness exercises that body builders are doing. And one of their basic routine is pushups. Do you actually know the benefits of pushups and what it actually does to your body? Most people know that doing pushups help them build and ripped their upper body muscles. It also helps in toning down biceps and triceps. Pushups also help strengthen a person’s back. But these are only some of the benefits of a regular push up that you know. There are many benefits of pushups that many people do not know as well as other forms of pushups that targets muscles of different body parts.

There are many men who already mastered pushups long time ago and probably this is the reason why they easily stop doing it after learning other routines. Few people know about pushups variations. These variations also targets muscles from different body parts. Here are the varieties of pushups that can help you tone down different muscles of your body.

The Standard

benefits of pushupsYou probably know how to position yourself with standard pushup. In case you are not just make a planking position with palms flat on the floor and your body in a straight slanting position. Shoulders should be width apart and body should be straight from head to ankles. Lower your chest by bending your elbows but still maintaining the straight line of your head to ankle. Push your body back up getting to the original position and this is good as one repetition. The body parts that take the benefits of pushups of this type are your triceps, core, shoulders, and your chest.

Triangle Pushups

Assume the standard position but this time close you hands to for fist and knuckles should be against the floor. Lower down your chest to your left them back up them repeat the process on the right side. This strengthens the arm since it is forced to handle heavy load. This type also stimulates more muscle build up.

Leg Kick Pushups

The same pushup position until your chest is nearly on the floor. Kick your right leg almost 90 degrees while holding the position. Do not bend your knees while making this position. After your leg returns to its position, push back up your body to original state and repeat on your other leg. The holding position activates more muscles in the shoulders and chest. It also develops flexibility of hip flexors, hamstings, and glutes.

Alternating Grip with Single Leg Pushups

Assume standard pushup position but place your right hand forward. Raise your left leg then lower your body until your chest is nearly on the floor then make the standard push up. Do some repetitions then switch other arm and foot. This variation targets the muscles of lower abdomen. It also strengthens the muscles running along your chest through your rib cage as well as shoulder blades.

Twisting Pushups

This type of pushup significantly benefits the core muscles and improves the flexibility of groin muscles as well as the hip. Assume standard position but hands in the form of fists so knuckles are against the floor. Cross your left leg at the front of your right leg. Make the same repetition like the standard one just making sure that the hips won’t touch the floor. After several repetitions, try crossing your other leg in front of the other then the same standard repetitions.

Ketlebell Pushups

This type of pushup originated from Russia and is being practiced by many warriors and athletes. It targets core muscles and strengthens the forearms and rotator cuffs. This is done using kettlebell of course. Assume the standard push up position but palms holding the kettlebell. Make the standard repetition just like the standard push up.

Corkscrew Pushups

This type of push up has been significantly practiced by many workout enthusiasts in the U.S.  This is especially used by many athletes to strengthen their overall upper body muscles. Aside from that, this type also targets calves, core, and quad muscles. Contrary to standard pushup, your entire body will be moved from left to right. Assume first the pushup position then adjust your feet towards your hands until your hip is higher than your head. Lower your hips close to the floor on your left bending your left elbows. Get to original position then repeat on your right side.

Knee to Opposite Elbow Pushups

This one is done with hands in the form of fists and knuckles against the floor with standard pushup position. Push your right knee through your left elbow then pause. After returning to original position, make the standard pushup then repeat the routine with other knee on the opposite elbow. This is perfect for building abs as it targets abdominal muscles as well as triceps and chest. It also strengthens the flexors and hip muscles.

benefits of pushupThese variations of pushups originated from different countries around the globe also targets muscles of different body parts from upper to lower. Some of the athletes even make all pushups exercise and significantly help themselves to get ripped and tone down all the important muscles in their body. Aside from bodybuilders, other athletes such as runners can benefit from these pushup variations. Running a marathon needs flexible body muscles and this variation can help runners enhance their running capability. Running techniques will also get enhanced with these pushup variations considering that it helps build core and abdominal muscles. Doing these routines can also be practiced while beginning running. With this way, athletes can synchronize their muscle buildup along with their body strengthening and stamina enhancement. There might be other pushup variations in other places and even target muscles of different body parts. But for the meantime, you can enhance your body strength as well your stamina and experience the benefits of pushups with these variations. Who knows you might use these pushup variations in your sport and significantly maintain your body with tone down muscles and eventually have a healthier lifestyle.